5 Useful Household Items You Wish You’d Knew Existed

5 Useful Household Items You Wish You’d Knew Existed

5 Useful Household Items You Wish You’d Knew Existed

The last decade has seen the progress in the field of innovation by leaps and bounds. It was the decade that gave us the tablet, smartphone with GPS which quickly progresses to other smart devices, augmented reality, and even hoverboard...our lives will just not be the same without these cutting-edge products, at least at the time of their release.

But once in a while, a simple ingenious creation comes along that’ll make you rediscover the joy of your otherwise mundane daily chores. These products do not aspire to solve your first-world problem entirely, but they are rather content of being one of life’s nice-to-haves. And, they make for an interesting conversation starter the next time you have friends over.

Check out our list of brilliant products that you never knew existed! The best thing is, they do not cost a bunch - your bank account will indefinitely thank you for that.

  • Wireless Motion Sensor LED Lights
  • Say goodbye to rummaging through the dark cabinets and drawers to look for something in the dark! Whether in the pantry, the storeroom or the bedroom, this LED lights will make finding what you need so much easier. With an adhesive tape along the underside of the light strip, the installation couldn’t have been more simple. To activate the light, simply wave your hands!

  • Loch Ness Ladle
  • Love to cook, but hate cleaning up? While we may not yet have a fool-proof solution to that (we promise to get back to you on this when we finally do), this product will keep the mess on your kitchen stove at a minimum, especially when making soup or gravy. Meet the Loch Ness ladle! It stands steadily on four feet so you can leave it inside your pot, letting the head of Nessie peek through the depth of your bubbling soup. You’ll love it for its practicality and the fun it brings to the kitchen. It also makes for a quirky Christmas present.

  • Portable Water Jet Flosser
  • Yes, we’ve heard it enough - regular brushing alone is not sufficient to keep your pearly whites clean. The bristles from your toothbrush can’t reach all the cracks and crevices between your teeth. But if you find flossing is such a hassle as much as it is painful, you’re in luck. Now, there is an alternative to flossing, in the form of water jet flossing. Just fill in some water and mouthwash (optional) in the portable water jet flosser, point and press - it’ll do the rest of the job of gently removing all the plaque that your brushing might have missed earlier. It also works on braces, bridgeworks and other dental works too.

  • Socks Clip
  • Before you succumb to the belief that socks tend to go their separate ways after going through the turbulence that is, the washing machine, in spite of your best effort to keep them together, you might want to give this product a shot. Meet the socks clip - simply clip a pair of socks to hold them together. What’s great about it is that, once you remove them from the washer machine, you can hang the pair straight on the line, using the hook built on the clip. The material of the clip can even withstand the heat from the drying machine. To avoid losing your sock pair amongst the heap of other clothing items in your drawer, keep them stored on the clip. You just need to get one clip for each pair of socks that you own, problem solved.  

  • Magic Rust Remover
  • This product will help you transform your old and rusty pots and pans into ones that look brand new! The bristles are made of stainless steel and microfiber, infused with special washing detergent. It may be small, but wait till you see this product works its magic and you’ll be impressed. To use, you just need to tear and remove the outer top layer surrounding the stick. Apply some water your kitchenware before working the Magic Rust Remover on its surface in a circular motion. You don’t need to apply much pressure - you’ll see that the rust along with the grime will dissolve away. And it can also be used to clean anything around your house - car tires, wall, floor, bathtub, and the list goes on. Try not to get too carried away, ok?

    Which one of these five products you’re most likely to give a try? Tell us in the comment section! You may also want to check out our entire collection from time to time as we are constantly updating it with the latest innovative products

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